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Songr - How to download videos or MP3 files from YouTube

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Songr - How to download videos or MP3 files from YouTube

Songr uses 16 different music search engines to find the songs you want, so the chances of finding what you are looking for are quite high.

Songr isn’t just limited only to music and MP3, however. You can also use it to download YouTube videos and buy your favorite songs from Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody and Zune. Another outstanding feature in Songr is the ability to search songs by their lyrics – it’s really worth a try!

Songr works pretty well and is very easy to use. A few more improvements (like the ability to pause or queue downloads) and it'll be great.

Songr is a simple-to-use app with which you can search for and download music easily.

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  • Crazy .!

    This is bullshit .! I installed it & it dont even work .! Like how do i start downloading ?! Where can I really find a site... More

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